NWORX speaks the language of business performance

NWORX focuses on specific skill development needed to further leadership performance goals

NWORX measures leadership effectiveness against real world business outcomes

NWORX enables Leading in the flow of work

Unfair advantage of NWORX

Automated personalized leadership journey

based on the organization’s business context, level of leadership expectation and work culture

Intelligent & just-in-time performance support

based on behavioural science and management frameworks

Digitized nano-skill building and Nudge Engine

habit-building nudges for critical leader actions

Coach console for Coaches

offers intelligence and enables high performance coaching

Management console

for the organization assists in tracking development and performance

What does NWORX do

  • Based on leadership priorities, NWORX recommends high-impact leadership actions to the leader
  • NWORX enables the leader to learn and practice the leadership skills and behavioursneeded to meet the demands of the business environment
  • NWORX gives leaders researched frameworks, key tools and personalized nudges todeliver leadership results.
  • With NWORX, leaders take small steps every week towards meeting pre-defined leadership goals.
  • NWORX tracks measurable progress in the leader.
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NWORX - The ROI of leadership development 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do my leaders have the time to use NWORX?

We don’t want to waste the precious time of leaders. NWORX is designed for the busy, full-time leader. Frameworks and content are short and intensive. Most importantly, they are relevant and applicable immediately. NWORX is always at a leader’s fingertips, at all hours. Expect application, action and an emphasis on quality over quantity.

How do we know that a leader is progressing?

NWORX measures engagement, learning, shift in leadership skills, translation to leadership behaviors, and achievement of leadership goals.

Do we need to have a minimum quorum of leaders to sign them up for NWORX?

There is no minimum or maximum number of leaders who can sign up for NWORX.

How do I sign-up the leaders to NWORX?

Contact us to learn about our easy subscription models.