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Companies are growing and transforming at a rapid clip. Senior leaders must adapt, lead change and drive growth, while also inspiring and productively engaging employees and partners.

NWORX ACCELERATE is a custom-built impactful product package that, enables the leadership ability of senior leaders.

Included in the product package are Executive Coaches who are experienced in working 1-1 with senior leaders.

The NWORX platform brings together intelligence about organization and roles, intelligence about leadership behaviours essential to achieve goals, and equips the leader with this intelligence so as to enable success. It results in an engaging, reflective, and outcome-oriented development journey.

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Mid-level manager senior leaders are the heart and soul of all growth-stage ventures, medium-sized organizations, and large enterprises. They understand the domain, have tacit knowledge about the organization, and often are responsible for key portfolios and teams. They need to demonstrate boundary-spanning behaviours, nurture a high-performance culture, and sometimes execute a change agenda, all while keeping the business up and running.

NWORX THRIVE is a custom-built product package that gets mid-level leaders ready for higher and/or wider roles in the organization. Included in the product package are Executive Coaches and Mentors who are experienced in enabling high-performance leaders.

The NWORX platform augments critical skill-building, just-in-time learning, and on-the-job application of frameworks to create an energizing and enlightening experience for mid-level leaders.

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Front-line leaders and first-time managers are the lifelines of business execution. They must learn continuously, lead teams, create psychological safety, and nurture employees to be the best version of themselves.

NWORX TRANSFORM is a custom-built product package that, bootstraps front-line leaders and team leads to lead effectively. Experts and mentors experienced in developing high-performance teams are integrated into this NWORX journey.

The NWORX platform offers a develop mentally effective combination of skill labs, learning paths, and just-in-time advice to accelerate the growth of front-line leaders.

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