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Leadership Diagnostic & Assessments

What is a leadership assessment?

Leadership or employee assessments help you predict whether your organization’s workforce can deliver on its current and future strategy. Talent assessments illustrate an individual’s current capability and future potential. It helps to benchmark the skill sets and mindsets of an organization’s workforce, right from the CXO levels to the junior ranks.

Assessments help identify the development opportunities of the employees that match the capability development and cultural needs of the organization. Through measuring aspects such as emotional intelligence, personal leadership skills, and behavioral style, a leadership assessment can gauge an individual’s current capabilities as well as future leadership potential. Leadership development is a fundamental pillar of an organization’s growth strategy.  

What are the purposes of Assessments?

  1. To identify and develop leadership capabilities: Leadership Assessment tools help identify areas of strength and development so that the leaders can define their performance plan accordingly. To improve employee performance, a leadership assessment test is the fastest and most reliable way.
  2. To recruit the right candidate: In a competitive world, recruiting the right employee is critical. An objective assessment, designed by experts and rooted in extensive research can help you identify top talent — and make better-informed predictions about their future performance.

How are NWORX assessments performed?

NWORX supports assessments that are development centric. NWORX accomplishes this in a few different ways:

  1. Some assessments are performed using third-party assessment tools that offer valid psychometric or multisource feedback instruments. These could be psychometric assessments like the Hogan or the PAPI3
  2. Some assessments are performed using assessments deployed within the NWORX assessment module. Many of these assessments could be customized competency-based pen and paper assessments, skill diagnostics, or even 360 feedback that can be hosted on the NWORX platform.

In India, these assessments are designed in collaboration with our assessment partner, Quadrangle Consulting.

What are the different types of assessment NWORX supports?

Why NWORX for assessments?

The NWORX Assessment engine is customizable for different kinds of assessments addressing unique needs across the organization's employee base.

The NWORX assessment report can be accessed as inputs to creating a leadership development plan on the NWORX platform, thereby providing an integrated view to the participant of the assessment and development journey.

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