NWORX: Leadership development in the flow of work

executive leadership training courses

NWORX engages leaders and managers in their real-world business context

NWORX engages with leaders in their real-world situations. Unlike conventional leadership programs that require leaders to be pulled out for workshops, coaching and concepts, NWORX virtually steps into the shoes of the leader, understands the context in which they are operating in and the actions required for achieving performance outcomes.
executive leadership development program

NWORX nudges them to prepare using tested frameworks for immediate application

NWORX’s Nudge Engine enables habit building for managerial actions and ensures deliberate practice of concepts, methodologies for sustainable change.

High performance business coaches provide continuous support

The coach guides/ coaches the leader and provides the space to reflect on progress and challenges. The coach ensures timely support for the critical actions during the leadership journey. Planned conversations with the coaches help the leader to stay focused and motivated.

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