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What is Embedded Professional Development

Embedded professional development or professional development embedded in everyday work is the efficient and effective way to develop skills, be it functional or leadership skills. This approach leads to efficient skill building because the employee is able to invest time into skilling based on the relevance of the skill and their performance priorities. Employees can use 10-15 minutes at a time to practice on a specific skill in a mini- iteration and spread out the repetitive effort of practice over a few days.

Why is this change needed?

Embedded professional development is effective since skill enhancement is deemed complete only when the employee is able to apply the skill in a work situation after having 'learned' and 'practiced' the skill, resulting in better performance. This also motivates the employee to invest discretionary effort into upgrading their skills. 

In simple terms, if a leader learns to negotiate just in time to prepare for a negotiation conversation at work, not 2 weeks or 2 months or 2 years in advance. This is a JIT approach, not a JIC approach where you are taught ALL kinds of leadership concepts in theoretical form ahead of time. The issue with the JIC approach is that adult human beings don't recall much of these lessons unless they attempted to apply them a few times.

Embedded Professional Development skills

Who is it for?

Professional development service providers, category experts, and executive coaches can use Embedded professional development to deliver highly effective skill enhancement and leadership & development programs to their clients.

How is it done?

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