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NWORX platform digitizes your business of professional and leadership development, end to end. You can create content catalogs, design programs, and manage programs with few clicks!

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As a service provider in professional development or leadership development, you are specialized in one or more of the following: leadership assessment, instructional design, executive coaching, group coaching, facilitation of workshops or similar interventions, and leadership strategy consulting. However, the significant portion of time and effort from you and your firm is spent in program and delivery management, away from creating value with your core expertise. This limits your firm’s ability to scale.  

Second, enterprises today look for the power of digital engagement in any employee experience. This means that any development program must be orchestrated and delivered digitally, having video content, and running zoom events is simply not enough.

NWORX digitizes the management of all of your program content, development of content catalog, and reuse of your expert content assets across your clients. NWORX also automates the design of programs through an intelligent design wizard that offers an array of instructional design options to you so that you can create the most effective program design for a specific problem statement from an enterprise client. NWORX also automates the program deployment so that you can roll out programs across the globe with the click of few buttons. This creates a highly scalable operating model for your business where you focus on value creation based on your expertise and NWORX take care of the scalability and program management for you.

NWORX offers an end-to-end digital experience that is highly engaging and is accessible by the participants on mobiles App as well as on web browsers. This ensures that your clients are delighted by the digital experience that you offer to their employees. You in turn now become empowered through data analytics and have the ability to manage your program in real-time across clients and geographies without losing the personalized touch expected by your clients.  

Partner Success program

Our highly collaborative Partner Success program has a single big focus: get you and your programs onboarded on NWORX within 4 weeks so that you can rollout first of your digital programs using NWORX!
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    Get access to NWORX app and experience the power of digital journeys
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    Get access to Design studio and create your program designs
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    Orientation and deep collaboration with you to set your programs on NWORX
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    Dedicated account manager to hand hold you through first year of partnership
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    Co-develop marketing & sales resources