Contextualised, Personalised and Measurable Leadership Development

the NWORX way

The big challenge

A big challenge with conventional leadership development programs lies in the implementation of various methodologies. Typical program designs require leaders to be pulled out from their work environment for a few days or weeks. The limited-time is then used to help them 'learn' as many relevant theories and frameworks as possible and then to simulate the application of frameworks in artificial conditions. This approach assumes that situations and patterns generated in the session are the only ones that leaders will confront when they get back to their real workplace. It is a gamble that rarely pays off in today's dynamic business environment.

What we did?

NWORX built a seamless leadership performance digital platform that is:

Contextualised: NWORX syncs in with the leaders with their actual ongoing work in real time and does not disrupt their regular work flow.

Personalised: NWORX builds on the operational context of the leader and nudges intelligent recommendations to help scale up the capability of every participant as per their specific needs.

Measurable: NWORX ensures the key metrics for leadership development are tracked and analysed for achievement of goals.

The one thing you can be sure with NWORX is that the leadership development outcomes for the individual and your organisation are not left at the mercy of chance.

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