6-month pathway to Leadership Readiness


Alignment of development with the OKRs

In this first crucial step, we learn the context in which the leadership is operating in, the challenges faced and the critical business agenda. Based on this, NWORX is configured within hours. This is a process that involves deep-dive consultative discussions with all the key stakeholders.
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Recommend intelligent pathways for goal achievement  

With the contextual understanding and the alignment of OKRs, NWORX generates and recommends the journey for each leader by identifying critical milestones and actions for the next 6 months. Through the milestone-setting process, NWORX deeply engages leaders to initiate vital perspective shifts needed for the developmental movement ahead.

Enable skill building and behavioral shifts for effective managerial action

Over the span of next few months, each of the milestones is enabled by the Prepare-Perform-Reflect cycle. As each leader employs the NWORX solution in real-world situations they face, they learn to master the system and take charge of their development for years to come.

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