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Level up the individual & team performance to the power of N

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NWORX 6 month pathway

NWORX creates 6-month pathway for future leadership readiness

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    Enables discovery of leadership strengths and development areas
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    Aligns to performance goals and OKRs
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    Recommends intelligent pathways for goals and achievements
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    Orchestrates skill practice and readiness for just in time managerial actions

NWORX embeds professional development in the flow of work

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    Engages with the leaders and professionals in their real-time business context
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    Personalized action planning and prep for immediate application
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    High-Performance Business Coaches provide continuous support
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best courses for leadership development
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NWORX™ offers actionable insights

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    Measures the level of engagement across the cohort
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    Indicates the progress and effectiveness of leadership actions
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    Insights into future developmental needs
NWORX delivers actionable insights

NWORX is secure and scalable

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    GDPR ready and committed to be fully SOC2 compliant platform  
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    Organization-wide seamless onboarding for leaders anywhere in the world
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Impress your visitors with a clean interface.

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    Modern and polished layouts
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    Carefully selected, open source fonts
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    Mobile responsive
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    Done-for-you setup and custom assets
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Best Organizations trust NWORX

Manu Gopinath - COO

We develop leaders at all levels and instil the culture of high performance as we execute our transformation strategy. Designs In Change has been a vital partner in this transformation! With their NWORX platform, they want to push leadership development to the future-state that companies aspire today!

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Manu Gopinath - COO


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Girish Menon - Head HR

Leadership development is critical to our continued growth and success. I am glad to have Designs In Change as our partner! Their NWORX platform is very promising!

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Girish Menon - Head HR


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Abhay Chand - CEO
Petro IT

As we grow globally as a product firm, developing our leaders have been vital part of our strategy. The NWORX team takes a very business-like approach to facilitating development journeys for senior leaders!

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Abhay Chand - CEO

Petro IT

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Developing our managers to take on larger roles in the organization is a high priority for us. NWORX provided the managers with customized actionable advice, the frameworks to facilitate the thinking and practical tools for crucial conversations. With NWORX, over 6 months, our managers have been able to perform impactful leadership actions that enhance results and the impact was well received by the team and the Business Leaders.

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Tina Balachandran- Vice President - HR


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